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Yum Yum!: The Family Cookbook!

The Brahma Family Cookbook

Sanjeev - Admin Uploaded on 01-08-2017

This is a new feature of this website! The family has over the years had many iconic recipes which have become the stuff of legend, like Jethu Papa's Roast Chicken, which are talked about whenever food is in the conversation!

These are also other recipies which are constantly evolving and, someday, will achieve the same iconic status, maybe...

This cookbook has two objectives:

  1. Preserve the old recipies in the family - Jethu Papa's Roast Chicken, Mani's Kopi Roast and so many others.
  2. Give everyone a chance to try what you make at home - these are tomorrows classic recipies in the making...

This section, like all the others, needs your contributions - so please make that happen...