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Hello Visitor!

Welcome to the Brahma Family website!

This page lists all the main sections of the website and how you can get help on using the various options available on those pages.

You can find all the options for the main pages on this website on the menu on top. One of the main things that you would want to do is to Register and then get Authorised to post content like photos, articles etc. Just hit the "Get Authorised" link to get that out of the way!

For anyone who's interested, the technologies that are used on this website are ASP.Net MVC 5, Twitter Bootstrap 3.2, JQuery, Angular, SignalR and various libraries to leverage these platforms. We use YouTube for our Video page! We also use Facebook & Google OAuth providers for authentication and Facebook for our comments and Likes!

So go ahead and enjoy this site and let us know via the contact page if you have any suggestions, gripes, comments etc. etc...

About : Photos

The photos page allows you to upload pictures into albums directly to this site. On upload the photos are resized to a max height of 800 px. This is not because of space constraints, but its because it takes too long to download and display pictures larger than this size on slower internet connections!

To upload pictures, you must be logged in and also have the rights to upload. These rights are not automatic as this site has a public log in feature. Just create an account using your email and password or using Google or Facebook and click the "Get Authorised" link above.

You can register a new account here - after which you can ask to get authorised...

Once you're able to see the upload page, you can upload pictures whenever you want. You can use the pre-created albums or add albums of your own. The albums have a location, which again, you can use the ones already there, or add your own.

As you add pictures, you will see that your user name appears on the Photos menu and people can see your photos and albums directly from the menu.

In case you have any Flickr albums that you want included here, you can get in touch with me and I'll have them displayed here.

About : Get Authorised

To get authorised, you first have to register on the site. There are two ways you can register, one is with a standard user name and password where you have to remember your password for this site. You can also register using your Google or Facebook account, in which case you do not have to have a separate password for this site but can just login using these services whenever you want. However, in both cases, you have to have a user name, this will be used on this site (nick names are fine) and a valid e-mail so that we can communicate with you.

Once you have registered, you will have access to the entire site, but will be unable to upload pictures, stories or events till you are authorised to do so! To get authorised just click the get authorised link at the bottom here and we will do the rest (it may take a little while due to the fact that we have to do this manually!). The link can be seen only if have logged in with your account...

About : Stories

The stories page has pieces from our history that are of interest. These stories have been related on a hearsay basis for long. There are, however, very very few stories on this page as of now. This is the page that requires contributions urgently!

Like the other pages, if you are logged in and are authorised to add content, you can hit the Add Stories link and add as many stories that you want! It's a simple processs - The only constraint is that stories at this point in time are restricted to English. I am working at a system where you can add stories in Bangla and that should be available shortly...

Edit - The system for adding stories in Bangla has been implemented on an experimental basis! Just hit the write a story in bangla link to transliterate from English to Bangla. Instructions on how to do that are on the page...

Right now you can only add pictures which are hosted on other servers and we would soon have a system where we could add pictures to your stories from the editor. This should be available soon!

So please put your nose to the grindstone and fingers to your keyboard and start contributing...

About : Events

The Events page lists Birthdays, Wedding anniversaries, Death anniversaries, Major holidays and Miscellaneous events that you want to display. You can add events which you feel are required to be added.

The process of adding an Event is similar to that of pictures and requires you to be logged in and authorised to add content - everyone who is authorised can add an event...

When you add any event, except for holidays, please add a picture which is appropriate for the event, this would be shown on the event page

About : Cookbook

This is a completely new section that wasn't there in the old site! The idea is that we, as in the family as a whole, have various recipes that have passed into legend - the one that comes to mind immediately is Jethu Papa's Chicken Roast!

What we want to do in this section is, that, not only that we would like to maintain a list of these recipes, but also get a list of other recipes which are a part of the family repertoire so that those recipes also get the chance of being the stuff of legend!

Contributions like in the other sections is what will make this section interesting and, maybe, in time we should have a hefty family cookbook.

Anyone who is authorised for content update can contribute, like for the other sections...

About : Videos

The video page has some videos that were shot in Mahanga sometime back and were there in the old site. Sadly, there have been no additions for quite a while now...

The video page is based on YouTube videos and any video uploaded to YouTube can be added here. The process is fairly simple and, like the other pages, anyone who is authorised to add content can upload videos.

We do need more contributions to this page and if you have any relevant videos, please do add them to the few which are here...